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4️⃣ Show Notes

43: Lobbying and Subsidisation

42: Propaganda

41: Banking on the Environment

Older Sections

3️⃣ Consumerism

40: The Insane Consumerism Of Christmas

39: Advertising

38: Pets

37: The Future of Climate Activism

36: Fast Fashion

3️⃣ Waste

35: Planned Obsolescence, e-waste & Right-to-repair

34: Paper Waste

33: Food Waste

32: Degrowth (Dexter Twycross)

31: Plastic Recycling

2️⃣ Urban Expansion

30: Sustainable Architecture

29: The Problem with Public Transport

28: Every Type of Pollution

27: Are Nature Sports Destroying Nature?

26: Is skiing killing the Alps?

25: The American Dream

24: Overpopulation

2️⃣ Energy

23: LEDs and other Energy Saving solutions

22: Your Carbon Footprint is a Lie

21: Defending Beef

20: Bitcoin and NFTs

19: Heat Pumps with Michael Thomas

18: The problem with renewables

17: Biofuels are Liarfuels

1️⃣ Conservation

16.18 Halloween Special

Episode 16: Coexistence Mindset

Episode 15: Insects and Ecosystems

Even Older Sections

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